'Hope On!': CBC Chairman Brings it at DNC

The video below doesn’t have the first part of Congressional Black Caucus chairman Emanuel Cleaver’s speech, which was an earnest call for a nicer tone in politics (which got a lukewarm reception from the DNC crowd):


I’m a strong believer that how we treat each other matters. As public servants it’s our job to work in the spirit of community to move this nation forward. But we also need all of you working with us to assure America’s strong future. Tonight I cannot speak to you without acknowledging that the bickering and brinksmanship we see too often in our politics is advantaging no political party. It weakens our nation. We can be fervent in our disagreements without being factitious with our beliefs. We can be tough without being toxic. To our colleagues in Congress, we will never be better off without being better.

Congress is unable to do the work of the American people because too many politicians believe that compromise means capitulation. This has got to change because just as bees cannot sting and make honey at the same time, members of Congress cannot simultaneously make passionate enemies and expect political progress.

In my fifth congressional district of Missouri Republicans and Democrats tell me that they would like to look at their political leaders and see more warm hearts and fewer hotheads. More acts and fewer falsehoods. Many of us want the same thing. Now I greatly respect my Republican colleagues and their ideas. But make no mistake, I am proud to be a Democrat.


And then Cleaver really got warmed up, and it needs to be watched instead of written. Jesse Jackson called and wants his mojo back.



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