Winners of the Damaged Obama DNC Sand Sculpture Photo Caption Contest

Once again, Tatler fans have proven to be a most creative, hilarious and intelligent audience based on the submissions we received for this photo caption contest of Obama’s rain damaged sand sculpture at the DNC.


After much deliberating, here are winners chosen by a really famous ( infamous?) Republican political consultant who knows a thing or two about slogans and messaging.

Damn George W. Bush and Evil Weather Machine.     Submitted by Dede

My name’s God, and I approve this message.     Submitted by Brenda Watkins

I built me.      Submitted by Mr. Lucky

Shovel ready project.     Submitted by DawninCFL and also by Mike McNally

Starting the convention off right with a shovel-ready project.    Submitted by RJ

Now, since the advice of highly paid Republican political consultants is often ignored, I will continue that trend by selecting these next four submissions as the Official Photo Caption Contest Winners.

This monument made possible by Technology developed by Solyndra.     Submitted by Ted Whittenkraus

Good thing the rise of the oceans have begun to slow.     Submitted by Chris Henderson


Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, telling me just what a fool I’ve been…     Submitted by Tortillapete

And the grand prize winner of priceless PR is….

Our sources tell us that actually the sculpture has been hit by an empty chair.   

Submitted by Sherab Zangpo

I love your name and your caption!

Thanks to all who played along and we will see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.  Of course with the DNC happening this week, I have a feeling that might be very soon.




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