Is the President's Jobs Council He Hardly Met With Now Done and Dusted?

Check out these tweets from BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller. Miller was listening to Gene Sperling, head of President Obama’s National Economic Council. Sperling is in a position to know whether the jobs council is still part of Obama’s plans and agenda, and he may have admitted more than he intended.


@ZekeJMiller: Sperling started out saying “jobs council is” now “jobs council was”

@ZekeJMiller: Sperling says Obama’s least favorite chart is one showing public sector job losses during the recovery.

@ZekeJMiller: “The president had a jobs council.”#pasttense

@ZekeJMiller: Forgot to note Sperling said this: “The president had a jobs council.” #pasttense

It sounds like the jobs council is doing even less fine than the private sector it was supposed to help out.



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