No Recipe for Jobs But Obama has a Recipe for Honey Ale

It turns out that the president is something of a home brewer, and according to the White House, there has been “a lot of buzz online recently about the recipe for the White House Honey Ale and White House Honey Porter.”


Well, I haven’t seen much “buzz” or a clamoring for it, but the White House claims that there was a petition to release the top secret recipes, and being the obliging sort, the president has released them on the White House blog:

With public excitement about White House beer fermenting such a buzz, we decided we better hop right to it.

Inspired by home brewers from across the country, last year President Obama bought a home brewing kit for the kitchen. After the few first drafts we landed on some great recipes that came from a local brew shop. We received some tips from a couple of home brewers who work in the White House who helped us amend it and make it our own. To be honest, we were surprised that the beer turned out so well since none of us had brewed beer before.

As far as we know the White House Honey Brown Ale is the first alcohol brewed or distilled on the White House grounds. George Washington brewed beer and distilled whiskey at Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson made wine but there’s no evidence that any beer has been brewed in the White House. (Although we do know there was some drinking during prohibition…)

Since our first batch of White House Honey Brown Ale, we’ve added the Honey Porter and have gone even further to add a Honey Blonde this past summer. Like many home brewers who add secret ingredients to make their beer unique, all of our brews have honey that we tapped from the first ever bee-hive on the South Lawn. The honey gives the beer a rich aroma and a nice finish but it doesn’t sweeten it.


The public would be a lot more excited if we had a president who cared as much about creating jobs as creating tasty brews.

Just sayin’…

Perhaps now the president could set up another Beer Summit — this time with Mitt Romney. Of course, being Mormon, Romney doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages. Perhaps Obama could turn the porter into coffee or tea. For someone who boasted of being able to keep the oceans from rising, that kind of miracle would be a snap.


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