Obama Camp Sends 'Least Effective' Surrogate, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to the RNC to Dodge Tough Questions

DNC chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz turned up on radio row at the Republican National Convention today. How did she get credentialed to get past security and into the convention center? That remains a mystery. According to America’s Radio News anchor Chris Salcedo, the congresswoman’s  spokesman refused to answer any questions about her presence here, or how she got in. But a clue may be found in the media to whom she chose to grant one-on-one interviews. While on radio row, she spoke exclusively to liberal public radio shows.


Did these public radio shows somehow slip DWS a credential to enter the Republican convention?

After those softball interviews, the chairman walked down the hall in a gaggle, only taking questions from the Huffington Post and similar left-leaning outlets.

There may be a reason for that. As word of Wasserman Schultz’s surprise visit spread, so to did a document about her effectiveness at the helm of the Democratic National Committee. According to the document, the DNC raised just $10 million in July while spending $32 million, leaving the Democratic committee with just $15.4 million on hand. Under Wasserman Schultz’s watch, the DNC is failing to keep up in the vital money race as the campaign moves into the home stretch.

Additionally, behind the scenes the Obama campaign’s Chicago headquarters is extremely unhappy with her performance as a campaign spokeswoman. Obama campaign focus groups have rated Rep. Wasserman Schultz as the Obama campaign’s least effective surrogate spokesperson. As in, dead last.


Perhaps Rep. Wasserman Schultz is a bit gun shy about creating more headaches for her own side.


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