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Black Woman Gets Standing Ovation at RNC — Media Silence; Two Bozos Throw Peanuts — Media Frenzy

Two incidents happened yesterday at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida:

1. Mia Love, an African-American Republican woman, gave a speech and received loud cheers and a standing ovation from almost every single one of the thousands of white Republicans in attendance.

2. Two bozos, of unknown identity, “threw peanuts” at an African-American woman camera operator for CNN, while purportedly saying “This is how we feed animals,” and were ejected from the convention.

Furthermore, there is video proof that the first incident (the standing ovation) happened; while the only evidence we have for the damning details of the second purported incident (at least as of the time of this writing) is the word of a partisan left-wing blog.

Now, considering all this: Guess which incident received the most media coverage?

Bing! You are correct: The peanut-throwing incident (and purported racist comment) is now the hot news story of the day, cited on essentially every liberal site and many MSM outlets as proof of universal Republican racism, while the standing ovation by the entire convention hall for an African-American woman just a few hours earlier got very little coverage, and no headlines.

The peanut-throwing story first appeared in a tweet by liberal reporter David Shuster, and was from there first published as a news story on the far-left blog Talking Points Memo. Because basically everything that appears on TPM is picked up and repeated by the mainstream press, within hours the story became part of the national news feed, and by now has been repeated by basically every news outlet in the country (and around the world):

USA Today
The New York Times
Washington Post
The Telegraph (UK)
The Hill
Huffington Post
New Jersey Star-Ledger
Houston Chronicle
…and countless others

Meanwhile, the only outlets I could find which even mention the fact that Saratoga Springs, Utah Mayor Mia Love got a standing ovation were Newsday, the Christian Science Monitor, and The Daily Caller. And that’s it. And none of those articles mention the ovation in the headline — that fact is buried deep within the text.

And yet when you dig down into the peanut story — or at least attempt to — you find that there is no video of the throwing incident (perhaps video will emerge later, but as of this writing there is none), nor is there any proof that the nut-throwers said anything about “feeding animals,” other than the testimony of one person (David Shuster) known to have a partisan bias (he’s currently working with Keith Olbermann at CurrentTV, to give you an idea of his views).

Furthermore, as of this writing we have no idea who these peanut-throwers are, and for all anyone knows, they could have been agents provocateurs sent to the convention for the very purpose of causing an incident like this; or they could have been drunk; or they could have said something other than the racially charged insult they purportedly said; or they could have gotten into a tiff with the camera operator for reasons completely unrelated to her race; or any number of other scenarios. But because there is no evidence documenting what happened, the world now unquestioningly accepts the unconfirmed claims of a partisan purported witness.

(And if any solid evidence does emerge subsequent to this post being published, please post it in the comments section, and I’ll try to update the post with it. But until then, my Bullsh*t Detector is beeping wildly.)

At the absolute worst, this shows that two moronic bozos finagled their way into the convention, and were immediately ejected and roundly condemned by the RNC.

Meanwhile, how do we know that thousands upon thousands of Republican convention delegates cheered and gave a rousing standing ovation to a black woman, Mia Love? Because we have video proof that it happened:

In particular, watch 6:35 – 6:57 in the video, which shows the white delegates clapping and cheering for Mia Love.

Now, which is more significant: The proven fact that 99.99% of Republican delegates gave a standing ovation to a black woman; or the unproven claim that an unidentified 0.01% of the people in the convention hall purportedly said something racially tinged to a black woman?