Former Dem Artur Davis to RNC: 'Thank You for Welcoming Me Where I Belong'

“Last time I spoke at a convention turned out I was in the wrong place,” former Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.) told the Republican National Convention tonight. “Thank you for welcoming me where I belong.”


The former supporter of President Obama, who left the House last year and switched to the Republican Party this year, delivered one of the sharpest and most highly anticipated speeches of the night, endorsing Mitt Romney as “the most experienced executive to seek presidency in 60 years.”

“He doesn’t confuse the presidency with celebrity … what a difference four years makes,” Davis said, adding that the Democrats’ negative ads “do convince that Gov. Romney can’t sing, but his record convinces me he does know how to lead.”

“Maybe we should have known that night in Denver that things that begin with Styrofoam columns and artificial smoke don’t end well,” he quipped of the 2008 Democratic convention. “You thought it was the glare; some of us thought it was a halo.”

“No candidate had ever spoken so beautifully but dreams meet daybreak,” Davis said. “…Let’s put the poetry aside, let’s suspend the hype, let’s come down to Earth and start creating jobs again.”



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