Swinging Some Cash Toward Ohio for Climate Change Study

The Environmental Protection Agency today announced a sizable grant to a critical swing state to study the connection between water quality and climate change.

Ohio State University will receive $748,902 to study the relationship between water quality and extreme weather events “that are projected to increase due to climate change,” said the EPA in its announcement.


Researchers will examine algae blooms, cyanotoxins and disinfectant byproducts in Lake Erie drinking water in relation to increased flooding, excessive heat and prolonged droughts.

“It’s important to understand how extreme weather events affect air and water quality,” said Bob Kavlock, deputy assistant administrator for science for EPA’s Office of Research and Development.

Over the past several months, EPA has awarded nearly $9 million to 14 projects to study water quality and climate change. The last grants in June went to schools in Oregon, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, and Michigan.


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