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Priebus: Convention to Lay Out Case to 'Prosecute' Obama

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on two news shows this morning that he doesn’t think Hurricane Isaac will derail the GOP’s plans to “prosecute” President Obama and lay out their case to the nation this week.

“It’s a terrible thing, and we certainly hope it doesn’t develop into something stronger,” he said of the storm on NBC. “But we have to tell the Mitt Romney story. We have to prosecute the president on what he promised and what he delivered. And at the same time you all have to report on this storm because it’s something people need to know about.”

On CBS, Priebus reiterated that Republicans “need to prosecute the president, who seems to be in love with the sound of his own voice,” but didn’t deliver on his promises.

“I think the president — you know, one of the things he does — at least some people say he does a good job of — that’s giving speeches. I mean, that’s like a forensics exercise that the president seems to master, sort of, the illusionary world of Barack Obama,” the chairman said. “But that’s a world that doesn’t go very far when you start looking at the reality of where we are in this economy.”

“One of the things that President Obama can’t escape, which is a total benefit to us, is that he can’t escape the truth of where we’re at in this economy. And the truth and the facts are on our side. And it’s a lot easier to win a case when you’ve got good facts,” he added.

Priebus brushed off criticism that neither candidate has laid out concrete plans for what he would do the next four years.

“I actually think Mitt Romney’s been extraordinarily specific with his plans,” he said. “And he named Paul Ryan as his running mate. I mean, how much more specific can we get?”