MSM Rains Romney Spin to Open RNC

As the Republican National Convention kicks off a rain-induced truncated schedule, the Obama stalwarts (and even some who aren’t) in the main stream media want you to know just how desperately Mitt Romney needs this to be perfect.


Mitt Romney enters the most important week of his political career dogged by a nasty tropical storm but hopeful it will pass in time for a circle of friends and supporters to give his presidential campaign the powerful lift it has been seeking all summer.

Break out the panic hankies!

For eight days, the efforts of Republicans to highlight Mitt Romney’s character and accomplishments have taken a back seat to a series of distractions – first the comments about rape and abortion by Rep. Todd Akin, the party’s Senate candidate in Missouri, and more recently, the threat of a hurricane headed for the Gulf Coast.

While the Akin story is real and a problem as far as the Missouri Senate race is concerned, it’s only an ongoing distraction for Romney because the Democratic National Committee wants it to be.

The Romney/Ryan campaign has had to play defense over Akin because the MSM makes sure that isolated cases of crazy on the Republican side are portrayed as representative of the whole while Democrats who wander far off script are isolated cases. That’s the way it’s been for decades and the campaign has handled it fairly well so far. Both Romney and Ryan were quick to ask Akin to step down, which he still refuses to do.


Just how rough are things in reality for Mitt Romney heading into this convention that he allegedly needs to define himself?

First, the GOP establishment and Tea Party activists who weren’t originally thrilled with having Romney as the nominee are getting along quite nicely, thank you.

And then there’s this little gem. Bear in mind that this poll has a heavy Democrat skew (D+9).

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Romney at 47 percent among registered voters and Obama at 46 percent

Within the margin of error, yes, but definitely good news for Team Romney given the leanings of the poll’s sample.

Yes, conventions are important for publicity but 8.3% unemployment and debt that’s about to hit $16 trillion won’t be washed away from the voters’ minds very easily by any storm, whether it be natural or a media creation.


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