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GOP Platform 'About 90 Percent Jobs and Economy'

The co-chairwoman of the RNC’s Resolutions Committee said that the GOP platform to be unveiled at the convention Monday is “about 90 percent focused on jobs, the economy.”

“The platform is a visionary document. It is there supporting the culture of life and then the issue recognizing federalism,” Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said on MSNBC. “…It is silent on the exceptions [for rape or incest] because that is an issue that is handled by the states.”

When it’s released at 2 p.m. Monday, she said, people will see the platform “is first and foremost jobs and the economy and the focus is getting the fiscal health for this nation back in order.”

“There is a section on the Constitution, which is a new section for our Republican platform, and I think there’s about 10 percent that are on the traditional issues that you’re mentioning and we are the party that is supportive of life.”

Blackburn was asked about why 45 percent have a negative view of the Republican Party going into next week’s convention.

“Maybe they are listening too much to major media outlets,” the congresswoman responded.