Our Long National Nightmare is Over: Biden Will Remain on the Democratic Ticket

The king of gaffes still has a job, according to The Hill.

President Obama has no intention of getting rid of Vice President Biden as his running mate, the White House said Thursday.

Republicans are being “ridiculous” and are trying to “distract attention” with their focus on Vice President Biden and his controversial comments earlier this week, White House press secretary Jay Carney said.


Carney added:

“The vice president was talking about Wall Street reform,” Carney said Thursday. “The vice president’s intention was clear.”

Asked if Obama regrets the choice of words Biden used, Carney, who served as communications director to Biden before taking the podium job, called it “trivial,” and said “nobody took it as a reference to anything” except those who are trying to “make something out of nothing.”

Former VA Gov. Doug Wilder disagrees.

Whom do we have to thank for this turn of events?

Sarah America, that’s who.

Biden’s week of gaffetastic speeches was and still is terrifying Democrats, especially as the contrast between Biden and Paul Ryan grows more and more obvious. Barack Obama had the chance to replace Biden with Hillary Clinton, a move which would have energized the Dem base. But he could not be seen agreeing with or taking the advice of Sarah Palin, who suggested that Biden’s “chains” remark should earn him a firing. When Palin appeared on Fox and said that Biden should go, Obama had to keep him. Palin forced his hand.

The dummy Palin outsmarted Professor Obama once again. Heh.


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