Videos: Black Leaders Say Biden's 'Chains' Comment was Insulting to Blacks and All Americans

Former Obama campaign co-chair Artur Davis went on CNN today and blasted Vice President Joe Biden for his “They gonna put y’all back in chains” comment. Davis notes that everyone in the audience knew exactly what Biden meant, and it wasn’t a metaphor for Wall Street regulation. Take a look.


ARTUR DAVIS: When I heard him reach for the bottom of the deck and talk about one party putting people in chains? When I heard someone that I admired and have been on platforms with, talk about ordinary conservative principles being essentially racial viciousness – that’s the allegation that he was making yesterday. I was disappointed by it, but I have to tell you it brought back memories to me. It brought back memories of these Democratic politicians in the South who think they can go before black crowds and say one thing, but nobody else will hear it, and that they can somehow get a cheer in the room, and that they can blithely go on about their business.

Davis could not be more right about this. Those of us from and in the South have seen the exact sort of Democrat snake that Davis is talking about. The region is infested with them. We need to see a lot more of Artur Davis on the campaign trail and on talk shows. He’s a one-man army against the Obama campaign. Regarding Biden, Davis added “Every black person in that room knew who the ‘ya’ll’ were, knows what the ‘chains’ were.”


The fact is, Biden’s statement about chains was one of his few non-gaffes of the week. He knew exactly what he was saying. This was racial dog-whistle language intended to stir up hatred and fear.

The good news is that Obama-Biden’s campaign of hate isn’t fooling anyone. Former VA Gov. Doug Wilder went on Fox today and also called Biden out. Wilder says that slavery is “nothing to joke about.”

Wilder charitably chalks it up to a gaffe, perhaps because to admit that a fellow Democrat went there intentionally might force Wilder to follow Davis and switch parties.


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