SEALs to Obama: 'YOU Didn't Kill Bin Laden, America Did' (Updated)

Special operators are banding together to criticize President Obama for the rampant and damaging national security leaks that have been pouring out of the Obama administration this election year. Here is a clip from their video, Dishonorable Disclosures.


Responding to this video on Fox’s The Five a few minutes ago, Democrat Bob Beckel accused these special operators, who have spent their careers risking their lives for this country, of treason.

Treason. That is the exact word that Beckel used to defend this feckless administration, the leaks of which have put the lives of patriots in serious danger for the sake of politics.

If Bob Beckel wishes to become acquainted with treason, he should look into the mirror and recall his own effort bribe the Electoral College into giving Al Gore the 2000 election. Fox should seriously consider separating itself from Beckel after he accused special operators of treason, because they want the Obama administration to stop leaking our national security secrets.

Update: Video here. Kimberly Guilfoyle rapped Beckel after his outrageous smear, but the show went on. Maybe I’m a little too close to this because I’m former military, but if I had been there when Beckel said that, one of the two of us would not have remained on the set. I would have either left or had security escort his disgusting self out of the building. Life is too short to sit next to the likes of him. As long as he’s on The Five, I won’t watch anymore. SportsNation or something else for from now on.



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