Completely Ignores FRC Shooting

Da Tech Guy: “If you want to know why CNN is at the bottom of the ratings here it is.”

Of course, that’s a step up from the coverage the shooting has received on Twitter, where the usual vile prog suspects are doing what they do. Meanwhile, there’s a Fox News report that the shooter “may have been carrying a bag from Chick-fil-A.” You know, to fit in with the hicks before opening fire.


Then this bit:

Sources told Fox New that after guard took away his gun, the suspect said, “Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for.”

Using deadly violence against your fellow civilians to make a political point — what’s that called again? Oh, right: Domestic terrorism.

There’s been no word yet from President Obama, which may just mean the West Wing hasn’t been able to find a clever way to label this a case of “workplace violence.” Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is already on it:

I am appalled by the shooting today at the offices of the Family Research Council in our nation’s capital. There is no place for such violence in our society. My prayers go out to the wounded security guard and his family, as well as all the people at the Family Research Council whose sense of security has been shattered by today’s horrific events.

I don’t know why the President hasn’t been able to say even that much already, as Romney didn’t bring politics into it at all.

Oh, wait — that’s a self-answering question, isn’t it?



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