The PJ Tatler

Buzz Ballad: Barry the Choomer

—apologies to Cab Calloway and “Minnie the Moocher”

Folks, now, here’s a story ’bout Barry the Choomer
He is a tail-end Baby Boomer
He slacked off on his schooling everywhere he went
But he rode his race to the office of President

Sleazy sleazy sleazy sleazy

He hung out with all of the Marxist academics
Used a Teleprompter to make populist polemics
His economic policies made misery everywhere
So he tried class war on “millionaires and billionaires”

Squeezy squeezy squeezy squeezy
Lots of show

The process of governing was way beyond his talents
So he ignored the Constitution’s check and balance
Instead of passing a budget for every year
He ran the national debt up to the stratosphere

Who cares where it goes?
Just show me another rathole
Where cash I can throw

Now he’s spending madly so he can win re-election
Wants four more years to bring his policies to perfection
Even if the damage he’s done only makes you squirm
Just imagine what he’ll wreak if there’s a second term

Out he goes