So, the Obama Regime is Suing to Stop Military Voting in Ohio Now

President Gutsy Call likes hailing the military, sometimes. And not, sometimes.

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit against Ohio’s top elections official in a dispute over the battleground state’s law that restricts early, in-person voting during the three days before Election Day.

The lawsuit filed in Columbus comes after a series of election law changes cleared the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature and were signed by Republican Gov. John Kasich.

Obama’s campaign and Democrats argue that the law unfairly ends early, in-person voting for most Ohioans on the Friday evening before the Tuesday election, while allowing military and overseas voters to cast a ballot in person until Monday.

Before the changes to the law, local boards of election had the discretion to set their own early, in-person voting hours on the days before the election. And in-person voting on the weekend varied among the state’s 88 counties.


So, the state of Ohio standardized early voting to prevent confusion, and made an exception for active-duty military because of the vagaries of being on active duty: You can get called up anytime to be sent anywhere. That accommodation is what the Obama bunch is suing to stop.

As a veteran, I can’t really express just how contemptible this action is, but it follows year after year of Democrats trying to keep military votes cast overseas from counting. They try the mail deadline trick, they try the “Opps, we forgot to count them trick,” etc.

How any veteran could vote for any Democrat is a mystery to me.


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