Stephanie Cutter's Brilliant Crisis Comms on Solyndra: 'Ugh'

Lots of stuff about Solyndra is coming out today, thanks to the House GOP’s investigation.

In item #1, Solyndra CEO Chris Gronet perfectled pegged the Obama administration, calling it the “Bank of Washington.”


At this point, it’s worth a flash back to last year for a reminder that Solyndra’s business model was predicated not on succeeding in making a product that people would buy, but succeeding in squeezing taxpayer money out of the geniuses that infest the Obama administration.

The Obama admin was warned that saving Solyndra could end up costing more than simply letting it die. But the Obama bunch decided to try saving it anyway, costing taxpayers a half a billion dollars.

As Solydra was in its death throes, Obama admin figures cast about for a way to minimize the public relations damage. Deputy Senior Adviser Stephanie Cutter came up with a brilliant response to the crisis: “Ugh.”

For that pearl of wisdom and brilliant crisis comms strategy, Cutter has been perched as the main online video spokesmodel for the Obama campaign’s dishonest attack on Mitt Romney’s taxes.

Ugh, indeed.



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