UK Police Arrest Man for Negative Tweet

Free speech has unofficially died in the United Kingdom. Negative tweets have gotten soccer players charged by the British Football Association, even investigated by British police. Now, a man who tweeted his upset after a British diver failed to medal in the London Olympics has been arrested.


Police say a man has been arrested in connection to Twitter postings directed at British Olympic diver Tom Daley.

Daley’s father died of brain cancer a year ago and the 18-year-old Olympian had hoped win a medal “for myself and my dad.” But he finished fourth on Monday in the 10-meter synchronized platform with teammate Pete Waterfield.

Afterward, a Twitter user sent him several negative messages, including: “You let your dad down i hope you know that.”

Dorset Police said early Tuesday that a 17-year-old man was arrested at a guest house in Weymouth “on suspicion of malicious communications” in relation to Twitter threats made against Daley.

The tweet is arguably crass, but there’s no implied or direct threat.

Meanwhile, imams across London preach bigotry and hate every single day, and Muslim protesters occasionally take to the streets to directly threaten the entire country.


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