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US Ambassador to the UN Blasts Russians, Chinese on Twitter

Following today’s UN Security Council action, in which the Russian and Chinese ambassadors vetoed imposing additional sanctions on the crumbling Syrian regime, US ambassador Susan Rice took to Twitter to tweet her objections. Rice’s Twitter feed has 166,520 followers as of this writing,


At 8:38 eastern time, Ambassador Rice tweeted that “The first 2 vetoes by #Russia and #China were very destructive. This veto is even more dangerous and deplorable. #Syria”

Two minutes later, Rice upped the potential tweet war: “Their position is at odds with majority of #UNSC, #ArabLeague, over 100 countries & aspirations of Syrians, who deserve much better.”

And two minutes later, another tweet: “U.S. has not / will not pin its policy on unarmed observer mission deployed in midst of violence that can’t count on minimal #UNSC support.”

No word yet on whether the Russians or Chinese have tweeted back at the US ambassador, or whether the #ArabLeague retweeted her.

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