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Israeli Official to PJM: Look for Increased Iran-Instigated Terror

The Bulgarian terror attack that took seven lives, including five Israelis, plus many injuries, is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, a high-ranking Israeli diplomat told PJ Media on background today.  The diplomat pointed out this was the twelfth among recent attacks instigated by Iran.  Fortunately, the others were prevented, but Israel authorities expect the number to increase in intensity and significance in the wake of the current Middle Eastern conflagrations, notably in Syria.  They are deeply concerned because as good as intelligence work may be, it can never be perfect.

The diplomat’s warning jibes with the New York Times  report today that Israel is also concerned about the whereabouts of Syria’s vast store of chemical weaponry (rumored to be among the world’s largest), especially that the weapons would fall into the hands of Hizbollah if Syria’s civil war continues to grow. Israel recommended a U.S. attack on the Syrian stores, but the U.S. apparently declined.