Undercover Video: Van Jones, Union Bosses and Green 'Bulls*** Jobs'

James O’Keefe is back.This time, he is creating shovel-ready jobs in the most literal way possible. Posing as a representative for Earth Supply and Renewal, he tries his hand at enlisting labor bosses’ help in getting taxpayer funding for his company. As he explains to the labor bosses, Earth Supply and Renewal really digs jobs — it digs holes and then puts the dirt back into the holes. Hence, Earth supply, and renewal.


The labor bosses dig jobs, too, and brag that their “Green Jobs, Green New York” work is “bullsh*t” work that they get through their political connections.

Click here to watch the video.

“It almost is exactly the same as where we were with Green Jobs, Green New York,” said LIUNA Director John Hutchings. “Between us, a lot of it is bullsh–.”

More like fraud. Over $112 million worth of it.

But, according to Hutchings, that’s no problem because, “We’re good with [Senator Kirsten] Gillibrand and [Senator Chuck] Schumer…they’ll support it.”

Watch for the pols to ignore the video, and the union bosses to claim that it was “heavily edited.”


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