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Barack Obama, the Great Demotivator

Inspired by President Barack Hussein Obama’s address on July 13, 2012:

Make your own posters here and email them to the editors here at PJM, pj-editors — at — pjmedia dot com.

Update: John S sends in our first submission–

Update: Janeen M goes retro–

Update: Miles T. zings the felonious crank.

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Update: Joel M —

And Monty M —

Update: John O brings up a similarly demotivating Obama quote–

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Update: Donald Sensing sends in a pair of entries.

And Lori J goes Apple–

Update: From David T —

Update: Not reader submitted, but it’s epic. This is an Obama campaign HQ in Maine. h/t AllAmericanBlogger.

Update: Entries are still welcome. Here’s Alex G’s.

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Update: From J. Thomas–

And from Rick H.

Update: Nice work from Morgan M.

Update: From P. Henry Saddleburr–

Update: From fellow Texan Mike S.

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Update: Thanks to Tom M.

Tom also sent in a poster version:

This one came in anonymously.

Update: Heh. Thanks to Aaron C.

Update: Remember when the Obama hq in Houston was caught flying the flag of evil Communist thug Che Guevara? That inspired R. Skilling to create this flag.


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