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Ed Rendell: On Second Thought, Calling Mitt Romney a 'Felon' Might be Taking Things Too Far

Former PA Gov. and DNC chairman Ed Rendell appeared on Alex Wagner’s MSNBC show today, and showed some discomfort with the Obama campaign’s insinuation that Mitt Romney might be a felonw (because Democrats don’t know how to read complex SEC filings). I added the part in the parentheses.

GOV. ED RENDELL: “But on the other hand, I think Carol also made a very good point about all this attack may be hurting the President’s brand a little bit, too. I think our supporters went a little bit too far with the felony business.”

Here’s the upshot about all this. The Obama campaign is now depicting Mitt Romney — this guy —

as some sort of super villain whose superpowers are the following: He’s incredibly competent, and he can be in two places at the same time. His villainous competency allows him to — cue the dramatic sting — save the Olympics! while he can also — cue the dramatic sting — run a thriving company! Is there no end to his lack of treachery?

Don’t be surprised if the Obama campaign takes advantage of the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises to start accidentally on purpose misspelling Bain as Bane Capital. Then they’ll pretend that that’s how you really spell it, and expect everyone to believe them.

But get away from the attacks for a second — is there any Democrat on earth who believes Barack Obama could have either saved the Olympics or run a successful multimillion dollar company, let alone at the same time? He ran a good campaign by outsourcing all the major decisions to David Axelrod, and has run the country into the ground. He has never run a successful business in his life.

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