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Get Ready for Joe Biden's VP of Comedy Tour!

We have a Vice President of the United States making parent-sex jokes now. One heartbeat away from the presidency.

“It was wonderful for children. By the way — having your grandpop living with you, having your great aunt, your uncle, for real. Those walls were awful thin. I wonder how the hell my parents did it. But that’s a different story.”


The “did it” is exactly what you think it is. Jokin’ Joe made that zinger Tuesday in Nevada. Jimmy Kimmel sees in the veep’s lack of decorum or any kind of filter an idea: Since the guy’s on the road anyway, he might as well make a comedy tour out of it.

The only problem I see here is that Biden is already on such a tour, but it’s more of a Truman Show kind of thing. He just doesn’t realize that he’s the joke.

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