On All-Star Game Day, It Turns Out that Barack Obama is the Ultimate Fair-Weather Fan

The Washington Nationals are currently atop the standings in the NL East. It’s only a three-game lead, and we’re only at the all-star break, but President Obama has suddenly come out as a big Nats fan:


President Obama hasn’t had a change of heart on his favorite baseball team, but he’s been influenced by his years in Washington when it comes to his second favorite.

The first-place Washington Nationals are his “second favorite team now after the Chicago White Sox,” the president said in an interview Monday with Las Vegas’s KSNV.

Rookie outfielder Bryce Harper, the president added, is “doing great.”

That’s close to what Obama said about the private sector a few weeks back, but never mind that. How does a busily campaigning president even have time to bother keeping up with a rookie outfielder?

Four years ago Obama bounced between the White Sox, the Rays and the Phillies. This year it’s the Nats, at least until the Braves or the Mets catch them or some swing state team catches fire.

It’s a good thing he isn’t a sports panderer. We know he’ll never cheer for the red state Texas Rangers or, since he handed Texas’ space shuttle off to New York, the Houston Astros.


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