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While Obama Complains About Outsourcing, Government Motors Opens Plant in Uzbekistan

And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton goes there to brag about it.

In an apparent effort to soothe concerns that the United States will abandon Central Asian as soon as its engagements in Afghanistan are wound down, investments enthusiastically backed by Washington are trickling in.

General Motors stepped up its local presence in November by opening a new engine plant. The GM Uzbekistan joint venture, in which the U.S. company controls a 25 percent stake, provides work for around 6,600 people and turns out 200,000 Chevrolet passenger vehicles annually.


Are these Uzbek jobs union jobs or non-union jobs?

American taxpayers still own a quarter of GM itself. Thus should end the Obama campaign’s complaints about Bain Capital outsourcing, when the bailed out automaker is outsourcing thousands of jobs. Those 6,600 jobs would look awfully good pretty much anywhere in the United States right about now.

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