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Sobbing Woman Touches the Hem of Obama's Garment, Thanks Him for the Healing Power of ObamaTax

Grandiose lapses into non-reason seem to follow the One wherever he goes, spreading his socialist gospel.

After Obama’s speech in Sandusky, he encountered a sobbing Stephanie Miller, who later told reporters about her encounter with Obama.

“I thanked him for the getting the Affordable Health Act passed,” Miller said, referring to the health care overhaul the Supreme Court upheld last week.

Miller said her sister passed away from colon cancer four years ago — partly because she could not purchase health insurance.

“Even after she was diagnosed with cancer, she was told her income was too high for Medicaid,” Miller said.

Under ObamaTax, millions of Americans can’t even get jobs, and those who can, can expect a government bureaucrat to ration care to keep costs under control. That’s what’s happening in the British National Health Service that Obama wants us to emulate.

Those who have jobs, can expect to take home less of what they earn because ObamaTax raises at least 21 taxes, including 12 taxes on people making less than $250,000 per year.

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