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North Korea's 'Great Successor' Gets His Own Anthem

I’ll give this to the North Koreans: When they work up a theme for their dear leader, they put some effort into it. Kim Jung Un’s personal anthem feels like a bright moment from the Sound of Music.

Entitled “Onward Toward the Final Victory,” the song (embedded above) has been broadcast repeatedly on North Korean state-run media outlets, such as the Korean Central Broadcasting Station and Radio Pyongyang, in an apparent effort to reinforce Kim’s carefully cultivated image. The song plays several times a day, and North Korean paper Rodong Sinmun announced that it, naturally, has been enthusiastically received by the citizens.

The title of the song comes from the last phrase of Kim’s April 15 speech, which marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of the country’s founding leader, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Un’s grandfather. Strong militaristic images appear throughout the song, emphasizing young Kim’s determination to pursue his father’s “songun,” or “military-first,” regime.

Compare that theme with the one our loyal comrades came up with for Dear Barack.

Where’s the time-lapse footage of snow-capped mountains? Where are the crashing waves and the inspiring scenes of worker and manager striving side by side? Obama’s theme is kind of pitiful, really, but I’m sure he thinks it’s a step in the right direction


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