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Competent Judge Throws Convicted Felon Brett Kimberlin's 'Peace Order' Out

It’s amazing what a competent judge can do. In this case, Judge Rupp of Maryland did what Judge Vaughey refused to do, namely, actually look at the evidence of “harassment” that convicted felon Brett Kimberlin pushed against Aaron Walker.


Back on May 29, Judge C.J. Vaughey of District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County signed a peace order against attorney Aaron Walker, preventing him from writing anything about convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. For more on that incident, go here. For more on Kimberlin, go here.

Today both parties were back in court in front of Appellate Judge Nelson Rupp. This time, Walker was represented by attorney Reginald Bours.

Kimberlin made a number of statements, but his basic argument boiled down to Walker wanted to encourage people to blog about Kimberlin to incite others to harass him and send him death threats. As evidence, Kimberlin again had pages of Twitter feeds and blog posts.

That sparked this exchange.

Bours: Has Mr. Walker been anywhere near you, except court, since April 19? Has he followed you in a public place?

Kimberlin: No.

Bours: Has he threatened you?

Kimberlin: Not directly.

Then Bours asked Kimberlin about Walker’s recent “swatting” experience, in which someone posing as Walker called the police saying that Walker had shot his wife (see here.) Specifically, Bours asked Kimberlin if he’d had anything to do with it or was aware of anyone who did.

That definitely got under Kimberlin’s skin. His voice rose in anger as he denounced the implication as a “despicable smear.”


That’s not the same thing as simply saying “No.” Fewer syllables and easier to declare, but under oath, if “No” is not true it can cause a few problems.

In any case, the judge tossed the “peace order.” Kimberlin may be getting close to that magic moment when courts begin to regard him as a nuisance. Now that SWATting is a nationally known thing that leftists do, it may and should attract FBI and local police attention.

Today’s loss for convicted felon Brett Kimberlin was a good day for sanity.

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