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Are You Ready for 'Mayor Alec Baldwin' of NY City?

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard whispers of Alec Baldwin’s interest in running for elective office. He’s been prominently mentioned as a senate candidate for years.

But this latest hint comes from his brother Billy who says Baldwin’s political aspirations are “real.”


Alec Baldwin’s flirtation with a possible run for New York mayor may not be just for show.

That’s according to his little brother Billy, who said in an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan on Tuesday night that the “30 Rock” star’s on-and-off political aspirations could actually be “very real.”

“I think on one level it’s very real. I think he’s very committed and extremely bright and knowledgeable and I think he could do it and he could run,” Billy Baldwin said. “On the other hand, I’m not quite sure if he’s cut from the proper cloth because it requires a lot of tolerance and a lot of patience and …”

When Morgan cut in by noting that Alec Baldwin has a reputation for being “temperamental” and “a bit hot-headed,” his guest quickly jumped to his older brother’s defense.

“Let me remind you that John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are quite the same and they are very successful and highly effective politicians,” he said.

An opening for Baldwin occurred when Rep. Anthony Weiner, who was expected to carry the liberal banner in the 2013 mayoral election, was caught in the sexting scandal that caused his resignation from Congress.

Baldwin is even more liberal than Weiner, but his celebrity status would cause a lot of New Yorkers to overlook his extremist views. He could probably raise the money necessary to be competitive in the primary, but the confusing nature of city politics means there might be several parties who may or may not welcome him on the top line of their tickets.

Could he win? He would have as good a shot as any Democrat, and probably a better chance than some. But money and name recognition will only get him so far, and Mr. Baldwin has yet to show anyone that he has what it takes as a campaigner, much less an executive who could run the city efficiently.

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