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PJM EXCLUSIVE: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood releases new theme song

From Egypt Independent:

Religious vigilantes [which religion might that be?? – PP]claimed responsibility for the death of a Student in Suez on Facebook Monday, after attacking him for walking with his fiancée.

The student passed away in Ismailia University Hospital, the state newspaper Al-Akhbar reported.

Suez security chief had received reports that Ahmed Hussein Eid, an engineering student, died of stabbing wounds.

Al-Akhbar said that victim, a 20-year-old engineering student, was walking with his fiancée and cousin towards a minibus stop in the Arbaeen neighborhood, when three bearded men wearing white Galabeyas on a motorcycle stopped him.

They asked him about the girl accompanying him. When he told him that she is his fiancée, they warned him against walking with her because it is “haram, and it is an abomination.” The student shouted in their faces and told them that he is free to do what he wants and it is none of their business.

One of the three men then stabbed him in the groin with a knife and they ran away with their motorcycle…

The incident comes amid increasing reports of attacks against individuals by some religious men. Last week two middle-aged men were killed by “bearded people” because they work for a musical group.

Some commentators argue that these attacks are driven by people who thought that the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy to the presidency is a chance to adopt strict interpretations of Sharia.

On Sunday, some human rights organizations, political parties and public figures called on Morsy to take urgent measures against violence toward women, calling on him to safeguard their dignity and the security of the society as a whole.


Expect more of this.

(Apologies for the cover, but I couldn’t find a decent one with Dylan doing Rainy Day Women#12 & 35):

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