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Winner of the President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts Photo Caption Contest

Thanks to all you Tatler fans out there who submitted clever, funny and politically astute captions for our latest “World Famous” Tatler Photo Caption Contest.


Our panel of distinguished VIP judges sequestered themselves all weekend long in a shabby double-wide on the wrong side of the tracks trying to reach a consensus as to which caption deserved the winning prize of absolutely nothing but honor and glory.

There was of course the usual hair-pulling and name-calling and then this list of the best of the best was forged:

“boy, we put on over on bush, didn’t we”

Submitted by jw

Portrait… looking down on them both:

“We didn’t fight the Revolution for these two oafs!”

Submitted by Portrait

How do you spell that last name? I S C A R I O T ??

Submitted by Anonymous

“Raise your hand if you’re ready to pillage the Constitution!”

Submitted by Rex Lex

Blah blah blah Constitution of The United States of America, blah blah blah blah.

Submitted by John Myers

I TOLD them it’s all Bush’s fault, up high dude!

Submitted by Josh

Mr. Roberts..                                                                                                     

Do you Solemnly swear to lie in order to Destroy The Constitution Of The United States Of America in My help you God?

Submitted by david gunderson


BO: “You want me to put my left hand on the Bible and say “what”?

Submitted by toonces the cat

And the winning caption, which in the judges opinion, most accurately depicts the photo of the 2nd swearing-in of President Obama by Chief Justice John Roberts on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 is:

BO: “You’re going to owe me a favor for hosing up the first attempt at this.”

JR: “In consideration for my error, I will throw a decision of your choice your way. Just name it.”

BO: “Give me a little time to think about it–I’ll get back to you . . .”

Submitted by Rickbull

Congratulations Rickbull!  You must have been that proverbial “fly on the wall” that attacked President Obama months later!

Now go celebrate your decisive victory and buy yourself a beer.

Everyone else, thanks for playing along and we hope to hear from you next time there is a photo worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.











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