Al Sharpton Wins 'Humanitarian' Award, Immediately Drags 'Yo Momma' Into the Election

Sunday night’s BET Awards honored highly paid but low-rated MSNBC talk show host Rev. Al Sharpton with a “humanitarian” trophy, quite an honor for an unapologetic hoaxster who has blood on his hands. Sharpton took the opportunity of receiving the award to deliver his special brand of political wisdom.


“We’re still gonna’ fight to protect the vote, there’s all kind of schemes trying to stop us from voting,” he said.

“There are people that want to take away our rights, we wanna change Medicade and Medicare. I support and love the president but whatever you do vote, because this election is not just about Obama, it’s about yo mama, and we better vote or they’re gonna’ take all that from us.”

Emphasis added. The Tatler is not the Onion; Sharpton actually said the quote above. Sharpton is referring to voter ID laws that several states have passed in recent years. About 70 percent of Americans across all ethnic backgrounds support such laws, and studies have shown that minority voting rates increase following the passage of voter ID laws.

BET says it awarded Sharpton its humanitarian prize in part for his role in the Trayvon Martin case. Sharpton used his MSNBC perch to call for escalating civil disobedience and even economic sanctions against Sanford, FL until the evidence started to support George Zimmerman, at which point Sharpton and MSNBC quickly scaled back their “crusading” coverage of the killing. Sharpton’s parent network, NBC, has been exposed for dishonestly editing Zimmerman’s 911 call placed on the night of the killing, injecting a race angle into the story when the evidence did not warrant it.


Humanitarian Sharpton reportedly owes the Internal Revenue  service more than $2 million in back taxes.


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