Kennedy's Widow Says Senator Wouldn't Have Been Surprised at Roberts' Vote

Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-Mass.) widow said on ABC’s “This Week” that her husband wouldn’t have been surprised at Chief Justice John Roberts siding with liberals on the court in the ObamaCare ruling.


“I think he felt very strongly in health care reform. He had studied this issue for more than 40 years,” Vicki Kennedy told George Stephanopolous this morning. “He believed in it. He believed in its constitutionality. He had looked at it in every way. And I think he would have been pleased, but not surprised.”

She talked about the “lovely, lovely call” she received from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who was speaker of the House when healthcare reform passed.

“She fought valiantly for health care,” Kennedy said. “She led the House of Representatives beautifully in fighting and championing health care for all Americans. She’s — really was a real, real heroine in this battle.”

Kennedy dismissed polls reflecting ObamaCare’s unpopularity, saying that “when people look at each individual provision, it’s wildly popular.”

“As people know more and more about these, as they reap these benefits, they embrace them, and it’s a very, very exciting day in America,” she said.

Kennedy said she would mark the 20th anniversary of her marriage to Kennedy this week “privately.”


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