GOP Who Voted Against Holder Contempt Believes in 'Progressive Discipline'

One of two Republicans to vote against finding Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress today said he believes in “progressive discipline.”


“Accordingly, and after a careful review of the facts, I voted against a bill to hold the Attorney General in criminal contempt of Congress,” said Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va.). “Later, I voted for a bill that authorizes the Oversight Committee to initiate or intervene in judicial proceedings and force the Attorney General to comply with what are very reasonable oversight requests from this Congress.”

“In my view, the Attorney General has not served the President or the American people well. I believe he should resign,” Rigell continued. “I am intent on pursuing the facts and gaining a full understanding of the Administration’s handling of the events leading to the Fast and Furious program, and as importantly, the conduct of the Administration in the months that followed.”

The other Republican to vote against the contempt resolution was Ohio Rep. Steven LaTourette.


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