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Gallup Poll: Obama Not Jewish

No surprise that the Jewish religion made no appearance whatsoever among the faiths listed as possibilities on the new Gallup poll surveying the public’s beliefs about Barack Obama’s religion. After all the president hasn’t bothered to visit Israel since he took office, so what would be the point?

Of the folks polled, 34% said he was Christian, 11% Muslim and 44% didn’t know.

I’d put myself with a yet smaller group further down the poll list – the 8% who checked off a more definitive “none/no religion.”

As we know, the president claims to be Christian, but I don’t believe that any more than half the stuff in Dreams of My Father. I know a fellow agnostic when I see one, I’m embarrassed to say. (Call it “agno-dar.”)

The pretense that Obama is a Christian is just another lie among many. He almost never goes to church and, when he does, it’s mostly for political show. He’s following in the grand Clinton tradition there, but I imagine once in a while Bill wonders if there is a God. My suspicion about Obama is that he never does – except perhaps on election night.

(And, no, he’s not a Muslim either, although he suffers from a lot of anti-colonial bushwa – the kind of nonsensical thinking that gets busts of Churchill ejected from the White House.)

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