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MSNBC Recycles Fox's The Five, Minus One

They’re calling it The Cycle, and it will replace Dylan Ratigan’s show. The hosts will take turns leading the discussion, just like The Five. But instead of five hosts, it has four. Instead of all conservatives and one liberal, it’s all liberals and one conservative.


The new program, which the network was set to announce on Thursday, will feature a permanent cast of four: conservative commentator S.E. Cupp, author and pundit Touré, Salon writer Steve Kornacki and former Congressional candidate Krystal Ball. All were previously contributors to the network. The show launches on Monday at 3 PM.

Of course The Five evolved from The View and Red Eye, so everything here is derivative of something else. Being aired on MSNBC, hardly anyone is likely to notice it.

Exit question: How long will The Cycle air before it gets embroiled in an NBC-style dishonest editing scandal?

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