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Issa-Holder Meeting Ends Without Resolution

Rep. Darrell Issa emerged from a 20-minute meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder moments ago. Issa said that the attorney general offered a deal but did not turn over any new Fast and Furious documents. Issa said he is hopeful that DOJ will turn over the requested documents by tonight. But if it does not, the contempt of Congress vote against Holder will proceed tomorrow.

Update: AG Holder spoke moments ago, and said that he has offered briefings on documents that have been subpoenaed by the House investigating committee. Holder said that “the ball in their court” for rejecting the deal that he offered in the meeting with Issa. Holder several times called his offer “extraordinary” and described his department’s “cooperation” with the House as “extraordinary,” but at this point his department still has delivered about 10% of the materials subpoenaed.  Holder did not answer whether his department would turn over any documents tonight to avoid the contempt vote tomorrow.