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Surprise (Not): MSNBC Lies About Romney's WaWa Speech, and There's Video Proof (Update: Politico Repeats Mitchell's Lie)

There’s a headline I never thought I’d write. Not the MSNBC lie part, but “Romney’s WaWa speech.” Anyway, Mitt Romney delivered a speech about technological innovation in the private sector. He used as an example those touchscreen sandwich (mmmm, sandwich) ordering systems at WaWa convenience stores. MSNBC’s ridiculous waste of cable real estate known as Andrea Mitchell quickly turned that into a “Wow, Romney’s out of touch!” trick. The media keeps going back to its old successes, this time trying to use the “Bush astonished by supermarket scanners” bit as “Romney astonished by touchscreen sandwich ordering.” Which he wasn’t, even though Mitchell explicitly makes just that connection in this clip. Because she’s a liar.

What Romney actually said, which MSNBC dishonestly edited like the leftist liars that they are, was a longish point about the uselessness of the bloated, uncreative, behemoth, often stupid to the point of being dangerous federal government.

“By the way, where do you get your hoagies here, do you get them at WAWAs?… Well I want to a place today called WAWAs, have you ever been to WAWAs? I know some people haven’t…. We went to WAWAs and it was instructive to me, because I saw the difference between the private sector and the governmental sector. People who work in government are good people and I respect what they do, but you see, the challenge with government is that it doesn’t have competition.”

“So we find ways to do things better or we lose jobs to each other.”

He goes into a story about how an optometrist has to send in 33 pages of pages.The Atlantic described it as:

Romney on the stump, at a historic iron furnace in Cornwall, near Lebanon, using the hoagie-ordering experience at the WaWa as a parable for what’s right and wrong in America. (Wrong: a doctor told him that he had to fill out a 33-page change-of-address form, several times, to get the post office to send his mail — including reimbursement checks — to his new location. That is what happens with government-run organizations where you have “no competition.” Right: at WaWa, great hoagies. Also, very efficient touch-pad ordering system. This is what you get with competition.)

Mitt continues in the video at about 2:45:

“And then I was at a WAWAs and ordered a sandwich… you have a touchtone keypad, and you touch that, touch this, go pay the cashier, there’s your sandwich. It’s amazing!”

This is where the media cut the video to distort the truth. GOTCHA, you slimy little maggots!!

“People in the private sector have learned to compete and it’s time to bring some competition to the Federal Government and to get it smaller, and have them respond to the customers, which are YOU!!”

In the context that the leftist liars at MSNBC left out, but which is posted at Sooper Mexican, Romney is clearly making a point that competition in the private sector leads to innovations like the touchscreen for ordering sandwiches (mmmm, sandwiches) while because the federal government has no competition or doesn’t realize it’s in competition with other foreign governments, it just comes up with interference and crap to saddle on the backs of private sector innovators. Romney is actually making a very good point, good enough to draw out Andrea Mitchell’s total disregard for facts. Because she is a shrill shill.

This ought to get her fired, but it won’t. It’s no less dishonest than the NBC Zimmerman edits that the network dishonestly declared accidents before quietly firing people. So, as the web site says, fire Andrea Mitchell. Or admit that she’s a just an empty head on the TV screen. Which we already knew.

Update: Politico is lying too. To be fair, Politico is actually just regurgitating Andrea Mitchell’s lie. That’s why she needs to be fired.











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