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Graham Offers Trio of Amendments to Stem Power of NLRB

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) plans to offer amendments to stem the powers of the National Labor Relations Board at the Senate Appropriations Committee today.

The amendments include prohibition of funds to enforce the NLRB rules that allows micro-unions and rush, “ambush” elections that give employers little time to mount a defense.

“The NLRB is the Grim Reaper of job creation,” said Graham. “They seem hell-bent on interjecting themselves into private sector business decisions for purely political reasons.”

The senator cited a case last year where the NLRB attempted to intervene in Boeing expansion plans in his home state. “Their decision did great damage to job creation efforts and they seem intent on continuing this destructive behavior,” Graham added. “On issue after issue the NLRB is destroying jobs and making the United States uncompetitive in the international marketplace.”

Another amendment would protect secret ballots in union elections. Last year, the NLRB threatened to sue four states, including South Carolina, for passing laws prohibiting card-check.

“The unprecedented actions taken by the NRLB move the agency into areas it’s never gone before,” Graham said. “My amendments aim to protect employers and employees from the counterproductive actions taken by the NLRB and I hope they will be adopted by the Senate Appropriations Committee.”