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Obama is Doing Just Fine. He's Only Losing Independents, White Voters, Black Voters and Jewish Voters

The story of a campaign’s collapse in four headlines.

A Chilly Reception from Independents on Obama’s Plans for the EconomyABC News

Obama’s White Base Shows Cracks Compared with 2008Gallup

Obama is Losing a Stunning Amount of African-American Support in North CarolinaBusiness Insider

Obama’s Jewish Support Drops 22 Points in New YorkThe Weekly Standard

Let’s throw in a fifth headline, that wraps up what’s behind much of the first four.

Obama’s ratings sink on economic doubtsReuters

From that fifth story, we learn:

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings have dipped to their lowest level since January on deep economic worries, wiping out most of his lead in the White House race over Republican rival Mitt Romney, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Tuesday.

The percentage of Americans who approve of Obama’s job performance dropped from 50 a month ago to 47, matching his mark in early January. The number who think the country is on the wrong track rose 6 percentage points in a month to 63 percent.

If, as seems likely after the North Carolina vote on same sex marriage, people have gone politically correct when it comes to answering pollsters’ questions, President Obama is actually doing worse by 6 to 10 points on his job approval than the polls are letting on. That in mind, check this out:

The doubts about Obama’s leadership helped Romney pull to within 1 point of the Democratic president in the White House race – 45 percent to 44 percent – among registered voters with less than five months to go before the November 6 election. Obama led by 7 points a month ago.

That’s registered voters, not likely voters. Romney should not get cocky, but he should keep pressing his advantages and he should keep forcing Obama on the defensive. If things keep going as they’re going, Mitt Romney will be elected president in November, easily.