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Judiciary Member: Holder Revelation that he Met with Axelrod 'Shocked Many of Us'

One of the key House Judiciary Committee members to question Attorney General Eric Holder at yesterday’s oversight hearing said this morning that one of the most shocking revelations he took from Holder’s answers was that cabinet secretaries had been getting messaging pointers at the Democratic National Committee.

“We thought the attorney general was above that and he acknowledged that he had had meetings with Mr. Axelrod as well,” Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) said this morning on CNN. “I think that concerns us because, you know, if anything, the attorney general’s office ought to be above politics. And we found out yesterday that apparently is not true.”

Chief campaign strategist David Axelrod, who went to the same high school as Holder, has said that the two have a “strong relationship” but denies a report that he tried to influence hiring at the Department of Justice.

Holder denied that, as well, when questioned on hiring influence by Forbes.

“We have to take him at his word on that,” the Virginia Republican said. “I think what concerned most of us is when the attorney general acknowledged that he was having these meetings with the chief strategist for the Obama campaign.”

“I think that sends a bad image especially given all the other things that we see layering on from this administration in terms of the partisanship they have been displaying,” Forbes added.