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Mitt Romney and the RNC Outraise Obama and the Democrats in May

News is breaking today that Mitt Romney and the RNC have outraised President Obama’s re-election efforts for the first time. TPM reports that Romney and the RNC raised $76.8 million in May, more than $16 million more than the Obama/DNC $60 million total for the same period. The DNC is sure to cry foul as it has in the wake of the left’s seismic defeat in Wisconsin this week, but $12 million of Romney’s haul has come in the form of donations less than $250, indicating strong grassroots support as Romney moves from the primary to the full campaign.

Romney’s fundraising success also comes after the president’s re-election campaign has tried raffling the president for meet and greets and held high profile fundraisers in the homes of Hollywood glitterati George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker. Starpower has failed to keep up with Romney’s fundraising firepower. It has to be counted as an embarrassing runner-up fundraising period for the Obama campaign, which once bragged that it would haul in a billion dollars.