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Twice in One Week: Obama Web Site Claims Credit for Ford's Success

Ford Motor Company stood alone among America’s big three auto manufacturers, in refusing to take a penny of federal bailout money. Ford has thrived in the teeth of the recession, and even aired a national ad touting the fact that it never accepted any bailouts.

Those facts aren’t stopping the Obama campaign web site from touting Ford’s success as evidence that Obama’s policies are working. In a May 31 blog post, the Obama site included Ford among its success stories.

From the Detroit News: CEO: Ford can’t build enough vehicles to meet demand.

And again on Tuesday, Obama’s web site posted a piece from a Ford worker. The post, attibuted to “Gary” in Ohio, credits Obama with taking “the bold step to save my job and thousands of others across Ohio.” The post, which reads as though written by a press release specialist, concludes “I am forever grateful to the President for saving the auto industry and all the jobs it provides in communities like Sharonville across Ohio…”

The president did not save Ford, or “Gary’s” job at Ford. Ford, as noted above, never took a bailout.

A commenter at ihatethemedia blog tried leaving a comment on the Obama blog to note the facts. The commenter says his comment disappeared almost immediately due to “abuse reports.”