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Rolling Stone Executive Editor Comes Out in Favor of Federal Version of Bloomberg's Soda Ban

Remember when Rolling Stone was cool? Yeah, me neither. But it was once a center of rock ‘n roll rebellion and fighting the system. Now it’s a just another creature of the system. On MSNBC today, RS executive editor Eric Bates came out in favor of a federal ban on large soda sizes. Sounding like a leftist spin doctor, Bates characterized the ban as a “regulation on harmful substances that people take into their bodies, and which cost the government millions and millions of dollars a year in obesity and diabetes.” Others on the panel, which came at the end of Alex Wagner’s show, joined Bates’ logic and call for a federal version of NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large soda sizes. Only one panelist spoke out in favor of liberty and personal responsibility, and she was quickly ignored as another panelist shouted “It’s public health!”

A Rasmussen poll found that an overwhelming majority oppose banning large size sodas, but that hasn’t stopped the liberals on MSNBC and First Lady Michelle Obama from applauding the ban.