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“Media Malpractice” The “Like-A-Lot- Affair” Between Obama and the Media - 2012 Sequel

Recently Politico ran a piece entitled, “To GOP, Blatant Bias in Vetting“, written by two of its top writers, Jim VanderHei and Mike Allen.

The article began with an example of how The New York Times on Sunday, May 27, dedicated prime front page space to a hit piece on Mitt Romney’s wife Ann.

The piece zeroed in on Mrs. Romney’s love of dressage horse- riding that elitist sport only reserved for rich people like Ann Romney.

Politico then compared the high profile placement of the Ann Romney piece with the New York Times’ third-rate coverage – buried on A- 15, of the young Barack Obama’s penchant for dope-smoking revealed by David Maraniss in his new book, Barack Obama: The Story.

From Politico:

No wonder Republicans are livid with the early coverage of the 2012 general election campaign. To them, reporters are scaring up stories to undermine the introduction of Mitt Romney to the general election audience – and once again downplaying ones that could hurt the president.

Now that Politico has raised serious questions about biased presidential campaign coverage against Governor Mitt Romney and his family, one wonders if this entire campaign will be a repeat of the well-documented 2008 love affair between the media and then candidate, Senator Obama.

The totally “in the tank” coverage, even spoofed on Saturday Night Live was credited with elevating a candidate with the thinnest resume in our nation’s history to the highest office in the land. That was the mainstream media’s agenda then and it looks like those same “powers that be” are going for a redux in 2012.

The Politico piece quotes Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary to President Bush,…”The love affair of 2008 may no longer be a love affair, but it’s a like-a-lot affair. There’s no equivalency for the right.”

Except to document what happened…

Back in 2009, filmmaker John Zeigler produced a two-hour documentary entitled

Media Malpractice – How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.

The film, now available on Netflix and Hulu, is recommended viewing, but I warn you, it is difficult to watch if you happen to be a freedom loving American.

Zeigler’s documentary storyline told through news footage and headlines resembles Soviet-era style Russian propaganda. It shows step by step, how voters were systematically brainwashed by the media so voters would feel good about electing a leader who had barely served two years as a United States Senator and for most of those two years spent his time running for president.

So I asked John Zeigler (a PJM reader by the way) to comment on the Politico piece and this was his email reply:

“Only in the bizarro world of mainstream media could an obviously biased news source do a story on vetting bias and not even really mention the abject lack of vetting by the press of Barack Obama, which forms the sound basis of GOP anger over the way Romney is being treated by comparison. If it all wasn’t so serious it really would be hilarious. Even when they seem to “get it,” they really don’t.”

The good news for John Zeigler is if the current mainstream media’s “like-a-lot-affair” with President Obama continues, and he is reelected, Zeigler will have more than enough material for another two hour documentary.

In that case may I suggest the title: Media Malpractice — The Sequel of Doom.

Because if President Obama is reelected, many Americans, myself included, believe he would continue our totally unsustainable collision course with increasing government debt that will accelerate our decline as a superpower.

Can you imagine if the New York Times were to explore that premise on their Sunday front page a week before the November election?

No, instead watch for a derogatory front page feature on Mormons.