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Castro's Daughter: I Would Totally Vote for Obama

The daughter of Cuban dictator Raul Castro told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that she admires President Obama so much that she would vote for him if she could.

Mariela Castro, a gay-rights activist, said that her own father also “evolved” and that she “celebrates” Obama coming out in favor of same-sex marriage.

“I feel a great deal of admiration for President Obama,” Castro said. “I believe that if President Obama had fewer limitations in his mandate, he could do much more for his people and for international law and international rights.”

Even though Cubans don’t get to pick their president, the dictator’s daughter said she would vote for Obama if she could.

“That’s really a right that the American people have,” she said. “But I feel the right to express what I feel. And if I was an American citizen, yes, I would vote for President Obama.”

She lashed out against the assertion of basically every human rights group that political dissent is not tolerated at all in Cuba.

“Human Rights Watch does not represent the ideas of the Cuban people. And their informants are mercenaries,” Castro said. “They’re people that have been paid by foreign governments for media shows that do not represent Cuban positions directly.”