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John Bolton, John Howard and Vaclav Klaus in LA for Conference

The American Freedom Alliance is sponsoring a conference at LA’s Intercontinental Hotel on June 10 and 11 featuring John Bolton, John Howard (former Prime Minister of Australia), Czech President Vaclav Klaus and many other distinguished speakers from around the world.

The subject: Global Governance vs National Security: Is It the West’s Next Great Ideological War?

The public is invited. Admission Day 1: $125.00 (include breakfast, lunch, refreshments and all conference materials), Day 2: $45.00 (special student discounts)

For more information and reservations, click on the American Freedom Alliance.

(If you come, look for me there. I will be moderating one of the panels. RS)


As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, an epic struggle seems to be developing between the forces of global governance and American constitutional democracy. Transnationalists in the United Nations and the European Union, but more more importantly among America’s elites, are seeking to establish a “global rule of law” which would make American constitutional law subservient to a global authority.

This conference will ask political and intellectual leaders from North America, Europe, Israel and Australia to examine whether the forces of global governance are successfully challenging the very concept of national sovereignty in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. It will discuss the significance of the rise of transnational law at the U.S. Supreme Court and explore the role of the United Nations in fostering an assault on national sovereignty; It will review the agenda of human rights NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in attacking U.S. national security policies.

But most significantly, with the approaching U.S. Presidential election, the conference will address the one issue vital to the continuity of the American republic as an independent polity: How can a vigorous defense of sovereign self-government be mounted so that it becomes a central issue in our foreign policy debate?

The answers to these questions may well define the kind of country in which American citizens can expect to reside for the remainder of this century.

Join us in June in Southern California for an extraordinary opportunity to visit issues which have been disastrously underplayed in the media but which may have a direct bearing on the future of both the United States and the free world.