#1q: WH Spox Jay Carney to Take Ringer Questions from Twitter This Afternoon

The official White House email bounced into my box today, with this message:

You’ve probably seen White House Press Secretary Jay Carney take questions from the press in the Brady Briefing Room here at the White House. With “First Question,” we’re inviting Americans to ask their questions online for Jay to answer.

Ask your questions on Twitter starting now with the hashtag #1q, and follow Jay Carney @PressSec. Make sure to check back at 1:45 p.m. EDT, when Jay will answer your questions using his Twitter account.


So far, the most popular question seems to be “Why has there been no memorial for Brian Terry?” MadAsHell42 just asked if the president can help him with his short game. And here’s another question that Jay Carney will pretend not to see: “Why is it ok giving taxpayer $$ to create failed green companies but not ok for private equity firms investing PRIVATE $$ in companies?” Obama’s problem, which Carney won’t admit, is with the word “private.”


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